Jewelry Care

Thank- You for shopping with The Signature Touch Boutique! All of our pieces are stainless steel, and/or 18K gold filled and have cubic zirconia accents. We are glad to say our products are tarnish resistant with proper care.


How To Care For Your Signature Items & Have Them Last (almost) Forever!

1. Keep your jewelry tarnish-resistant, keep it: dry and away from harsh chemicals. Try to avoid having  your jewelry come in contact with perfume, lotion, hairspray, sunscreen, oils or chlorine.(i.e- chlorinated water), lotions, perfumes, silver cleaner and dishwashing soap. We suggest you remove  your piece before over-sweating, swimming, showering, or getting in hot tubs. Try to keep your jewelry as dry as possible.

2. Properly store your jewelry in our Signature Box or The Signature Touch Pouch that it arrives in. 

3. To maintain its beauty, we recommend cleaning it before and after each wear. Carefully wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth or anti-tarnish paper to keep it clean and free of all elements that may oxidize. 

4. When dressing; your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and first thing you take off.

5, Don’t clean with your jewelry on; wash dishes, laundry, gardening…

6, Don’t use jewelry cleaner at all; like ever.

7. Remove your jewelry before physical activities, hobbies and sports.

8. Be sure to avoid tangling on all your anklets, necklaces, and body chains by hanging them vertically, after each use. In addition; be extra gentle when handling to avoid tangling and breaking.


To Clean:

  • We recommend you clean your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth or cotton ball after every week.
  • Don't use any harsh jewelry cleaners or soaps to clean.
  • Avoid scratches by storing in The Signature Box.